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The procedure and risks involved have been explained to me. I realize that there is always a risk with anesthesia and the results cannot be guaranteed. I will not hold Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic or staff responsible for anesthetic problems with my pet. The veterinarian has my permission to perform any procedures deemed necessary should complications occur. If the pet experiences post-operative discomfort, the veterinarian will administer additional pain relief following the procedure. There will be an additional charge for this service.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

The doctors strongly advise blood chemistry analysis prior to any surgical or dental procedure requiring general anesthesia. This will help indentify underlying problems which could put your pet at risk. ALL PETS greater than 7 years of age are required to be tested. The cost of testing is $65.00.

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IV Catheter and Fluids

Placing an IV Catheter and fluids during surgery has many benefits for your pet. Because emergencies can happen while your pet is under anesthesia, this gives us direct access to immediately help your pet during this urgent time. Also, fluids are used as support to the body during surgery, assisting with blood pressure and kidney health. The cost is $42.00.

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Dental Procedures

Sometimes, additional concerns are detected during the dental procedure that may need further treatment, such as tooth extractions, antibiotic gum treatment, and/or oral surgery. Please initial which you would prefer:


Microchipping is a safe and permanent form of identification designed to quickly identify lost pets nationwide. The HOME-AGAIN Microchip is a small, sterile transponder (no bigger than a grain of rice) that contains a unique ID code. We can do this procedure while your pet is sedated. The cost is $53.99, including registration.

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